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Purchasing or selling a home can be an exciting time in anyone’s life. The situation can demand great attention to detail, however – detail that you might overlook in your excitement. At the Law Offices of Winbourne, Hampe & Sheehan, we will help you with all of the details of real estate transactions.

We work diligently to ensure our clients are aware of every step involved in purchasing or selling residential property. Our attorneys review all documents relating to the final sale of the home in question and then advise and counsel our clients.

The knowledge our clients gain through this process allows them to make the most informed decision possible. Avoiding complications down the road is our main concern. To speak with a lawyer about your home purchase or sale, please call the Law Offices of Winbourne, Hampe & Sheehan at 781-708-4495 or e-mail us today.

Representing All Parties In Real Estate Sales

Our lawyers are experienced in representing all sides of a real estate transaction from the buyer and seller to the bank offering the lending.

We are present at the closing and conveyancing process for all of our clients, regardless of which role they play in the transaction. Whether you are a bank looking to protect your interests or a home buyer/seller, we attend the closing procedure to ensure your interests are protected.

Commercial Agreements

Businesses looking to lease commercial space are often presented with complex agreements and lease terms. Our attorneys assist business owners in reviewing the terms of the lease agreement, ensuring their best interests are met.

The Law Offices of Winbourne, Hampe & Sheehan also represents landlords involved in eviction procedures, assisting to ensure proper documentation and all procedures are followed. We are familiar with landlord rights and work to enforce them throughout the process.

Municipal Law Representation

Our clients often require assistance with municipal real estate matters such as requests for zoning variances, housing development requests, or storm water issues. We appear in front of town boards, planning commissions and boards of selectmen to work toward each client’s goals.

Our attorneys are also experienced in assisting clients with requests for liquor licenses. We put our knowledge of the community and its leaders to work for each client’s needs.

To discuss your real estate needs or concerns, please contact the Law Offices of Winbourne, Hampe & Sheehan by phone at 781-708-4495 or by e-mail.

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