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When you step into the Law Offices of Winbourne, Hampe & Sheehan in the heart of Dedham Square, you are greeted by attorneys who care. Our team understands the very personal and difficult nature of legal matters. We actively listen to each client’s needs, formulate a tailored approach that best meets the unique needs of our client, and walk them through the legal process. Our attorneys are highly-skilled, experienced professionals dedicated to providing clients with an unparalleled level of personal attention and to making a positive impact in our local community of Dedham, Massachusetts, and the surrounding area.

Kevin F. Hampe
Photo of Kevin F. Hampe

Kevin F. Hampe has been practicing law since his admittance to the Massachusetts Bar in 1977. He focuses on the practice of real estate law, trusts and probate litigation, mental health law, commercial leasing, business formation and civil litigation. Attorney Kevin Hampe joined Winbourne, Hampe & Sheehan in 1976 and became a partner of the firm in 1981. Click here to learn more about Attorney Kevin Hampe.

Cherylann W. Sheehan
Photo of Cherylann W. Sheehan

Cherylann W. Sheehan has focused on all aspects of estate planning since her admittance to the Massachusetts Bar in 1985. Attorney Cherylann Sheehan assists clients with estate planning matters including wills, trusts, guardianships, conservatorships, elder law, as well as aids in probate processes following the death of a loved one. She has been a member of Winbourne, Hampe & Sheehan since 1985 and a partner in the firm since 1991 . Click here to learn more about Attorney Cherylann Sheehan.

Keith P. Hampe

Keith P. Hampe began his career at the Law Offices of Winbourne, Hampe & Sheehan in August 2014 as a law clerk and was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in June 2015. He brings nearly 10 years of successful business management and leadership experience to his current role, offering both individual and corporate clients a unique perspective on the legal matter(s) at hand. Attorney Keith Hampe’s areas of practice include land use and zoning, real estate, landlord-tenant law, civil litigation, and personal injury. Click here to learn more about Attorney Keith Hampe.

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