Law Offices of Winbourne,  Hampe & Sheehan
Law Offices of Winbourne,  Hampe & Sheehan

Law Offices of Winbourne, Hampe & Sheehan
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Practice Area Overview

Experienced Representation in Several Areas of Law

The Law Offices of Winbourne, Hampe & Sheehan has been aiding clients with real estate issues, estate planning and probate issues since our inception in 1959. We have a wealth of knowledge in these areas and are proud to serve clients in Dedham, Massachusetts and the surrounding area.

Real Estate

Our attorneys are skilled in assisting parties on all sides of residential real estate transactions including the buyer, seller and lenders. We represent our clients throughout the transaction, reviewing final documents and appearing with them at the closing of the sale.

We also have experience assisting in commercial real estate transactions including commercial leases and assisting landlords in evicting a tenant.

Estate Planning and Probate

Our lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in all matters pertaining to estate planning. We assist clients in drafting wills, granting Powers of Attorney and naming Health Care Proxies.

We also help loved ones of the recently deceased through the probate process and the distribution of assets. In addition, our representation includes estate administration.

Elder Law and Mental Health Law

Ensuring the safety of our older clients and the mentally challenged still remains one of our passions to this day. We offer comprehensive assistance including nursing home and Medicaid planning as well as the appointment of guardians and conservators if necessary.

To speak to an attorney regarding your legal needs, contact the Law Offices of Winbourne, Hampe & Sheehan at 781-708-4495 or e-mail us today. We are a home town firm with a philosophy of excellent service.

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